Friday, February 14, 2014

Gettting There

So I updated the numbers and its not to bad, I paid off $1,634.30 in 2 weeks that is mostly because the mortgage payment hit, but I'll take it where we can get it. I did decide to put the extra money towards the doctor bill, since I was able to pay it off in full,  now I can take that $40 a month and put it to the Tire/Battery, which should be done this month since I am getting a small bonus at work next week.  It will be close but if I can't pay it off this month I'm really hoping next month. I hate all these small little debts. Once that is paid off that will be an extra $20 a month to go to the smallest student loan.  I think I can do this I think I see this faint little light at the end of this journey.  I was able to accomplish sending the smallest loan an extra $100 and we are only half way through the month which feels pretty good.  I would love to get the loan under $700 by the end of the month, but with wanting to pay off the tire/battery it is going to be very close.

I keep looking at next year when I have things even more under control and a little more discretionary income to play with....all the things I want to do.  I was thinking for my husbands birthday surprise him with a long weekend getaway or since Valentines falls on a Saturday next year maybe get an (overpriced) hotel for the night.  We like to get away (if you couldn't tell).  But I first have to get this debt down. I kept saying that this was going to be my struggle year, and it's been tight, but not too bad.  I just have to learn to not over spend on anything, and I have been doing pretty good.  A month and a half in and I got this.

If I can get the Tire/Battery money paid back and my small student loan pay off, and my 401K paid back in full by the end of the year I will be on cloud nine.  Anything extra will be considered a bonus and anything less will be considered a fail, I can do this.  Now I'll go so I can stop rambling....Until next time...........

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