Monday, September 10, 2012

Security Deposits

So the good news about moving out of your apartment that you were in for 5 years, and moving to a house?  You get your security deposit back plus interest as long as you paid your rent on time every month and didn't destroy the apartment.  My apartment had me put a double security deposit down, and since I was originally living on my own when I moved in, it's all my money!!!!

So what did I do with the money you ask?  Was I good and put it towards debt? Was I bad and went on vacation?  I was good for the most part I put $1500 towards my student loan and I took the rest and left it in my account.  I had a death in the family last week and wasn't able to work extra hours on account of the wake and funeral, so my check will be a little short next week, so I put the rest towards knowing I would be short.  So I guess I was actually really good. With putting that money towards my lowest student loan it puts it just over $2600, and I know I can pay that off by the end of the year. It will be close, but I know I can do it.  Which means I will be so close to bringing this debt down to under $270,000.  I know it won't actually happen this year unless I win the lotto or something, but just knowing how close I am gets me so excited and it really encourages me.

I think September is going to be a good month.  I was actually able to relax this past weekend which has not been the case for a while now.  The only productive think I did this weekend was get a baby shower gift, go grocery shopping, and finally finished my Thank-You cards from the house warming party.

As for this week I'm going to pick no more then 2 things to do every night, so I can be productive, but not overwhelmed. Tonight is laundry (my husband already did his so mine will take no time at all) and I have to pick up pictures I ordered online and put them in the picture frames.  Here's to a nice and easy night and actually getting it done!!!! Until next time.....

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