Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've been BAD

I have no one to blame but myself.  I wanted so badly to get the new house looking like a home I went shopping, and boy did I spend.  I spent a little over $300 I am going to return $90 of it.  I feel so awful cause I know that $300 could of gone to my student loan.  I've decided I need to buy things in moderation so I don't go all out because I feel like I'm neglecting myself.  I'm going to focus on one room at a time only buy 1 thing at a time. There will be some months that I can buy one item every week cause they are inexpensive items and there will be other times where I won't buy anything in order to save a couple of weeks worth of money to buy a more expensive item. 

I suppose I shouldn't beat myself up too much, I think it really does happen to all of us, and I really have gotten this debt down an extreme amount. I was talking to my dad the other day and I mentioned that my student loan was right around $17,500 (he is the co-borrow, but he never goes online to check it) and he said to me that's all your loans together and when I told him yes he said he couldn't believe I got them down so much.  I felt proud and I can't wait to tell him they are paid in full.  I'm still hoping for it to be November 2014.  I did the calculation and in order to make that happen I would have to send them just about $701 every month.  It is do able but I know some months will be a little tighter then others.  I need to really get focused in order to make this happen I have a ton of expenses coming up that I need to put money aside for.  Some are a necessity and others may be more of a want, but they are important to me.

I think I finally figured out why I want to be debt free.  I've read a ton of financial blogs and most of them say in step 1 you need to figure out why you want to be debt free, so you know your working for a goal.  I never had an actual reason why I just knew I wanted to be.  Now I know I have 2 reasons the first is because I want to be able to save for retirement so me and my husband can enjoy it when the time comes. We are not sit at home and relax people we are movers and we want to enjoy everyday.  The second is kinda just like the first I want to live for today. I don't want to enjoy today and pay for it tomorrow.  I want to be able to do things and not worry about can I afford this or how long will this take me to pay off.  I want to have a nice security blanket to rest on.  I want to live everyday to the fullest.  I absolutely love my life cause of the family I have and I don't want to miss out on things cause of money.  I want to continue to enjoy things.  I want this debt gone so I can stop being a prisoner to my past. I know I will fall again, but as long as I keep getting up after every fall stronger then the time before I know I will get this debt gone.

I've come up with a date for me to be debt free June 2016, it's going to be tough but I think I can do it as long as I don't fall too much in the next 3 and a 1/2 years. My husband and I don't share money we split everything equally, we also pay our own loans and credit cards.  I also decided that once my debt is paid off I want to help my husband with his student loan (it's his only debt no car loan no credit cards no other debt).  I want to have us both debt free besides the mortgage by June 2017.  That's the first time I put a date out there for a total debt free kinda scary, but now that its out there and not just in my head I'm going to have to do this.  I got this.  I just need to hold myself accountable and make sure I plan for all things I know are coming up. Until next time.....

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